Commercial & Industrial Guarding

􏰁 Access control 􏰁 Mining
􏰁 Warehousing 􏰁 Manufacturing
􏰁 Construction sites 􏰁 Industrial parks
􏰁 Office parks  􏰁 Remote surveillance

Residential, Complex & Estate Guarding

􏰁 Access control
􏰁 Complexes

􏰁 Estates 􏰁 Private Properties
􏰁 Armed & Unarmed Guards Armed Response
􏰁 Pro-active Dedicated Tactical Response Vehicles 􏰁 Foot patrol services 􏰁 Anti-intrusion Systems 􏰁 CCTV Systems
􏰁 Remote Surveillance

CCTV & Security System Installation

􏰁 Cctv & security systems installations
􏰁 Servicing of existing systems
􏰁 Electric fence


Our staff members have extensive training and are all registered with PSIRA, and can
respond immediately and decisively to any situation.
You can be rest assured knowing that Safe House Security Services has vast experience
security co-ordinations with the relevant stakeholders in the industry. All our guards
are trained first aiders and fire fighters

Event Security Management

Our events security guards have been trained in all aspects of the field and are able to work
with any amount of people attending your event. Our guards have experience in dealing with crowd control and crime prevention 􏰁 Access control
􏰁 Ticket checking
􏰁 Crowd control 􏰁 Liaising with police
􏰁 Car guarding and traffic control


We supply security officers at all grades: Grade D – patrolling and access control Grade C – as D officer and supervision Grade B – as D & C officer and Site Management Grade A – as D, C & B officer and Site Management